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7 thoughts on “Facebook Page

  1. Stefan Koch

    Hello Isaac, I’ve been in Japan for about a week now and have been relying on your podcast to educate me during my three week stay. I’ve listened to about the first 27 episodes. I think a great podcast topic would be Japanese beliefs about death and the afterlife, and about the cemeteries. I have found the cemeteries to be fascinating and I plan to visit as many as possible while I am here. I’d like to know more about burial practices and about the big bell you see in every cemetery and the thin slabs of wood with characters on them, incense, vessels for liquid that I see on many stones, etc. I think the handling of death and burial practices is a very important window into any culture, and based on the podcast titles of the episodes that I haven’t heard yet, I dont’ think you have covered this yet.

    Thank you for a very educational podcast, and please keep up the good work,

    Sincerely, Stefan Koch

  2. Stefan Koch

    Hey Isaac, Here’s a second comment. I’ve been in Japan now for almost 4 weeks and have listened to almost all of your podcasts, except for the last 2 or 3. They have provided a valuable commentary on the things I have been seeing and reading in the newspaper. Just today I was on Ueno hill and saw the statue of Saigo and where the last battle happened in the final defeat of the Tokugawa clan. Also saw the Tokugawa family tombs in Yanaka cemetery.

    While I’ve been here I’ve thought of a couple more topics for podcasts: sumo wrestling for one. I went to a match earlier in the month and it was fascinating. It involves history, religion, sport, etc. I think it would be a great podcast. For that matter, you might want to cover baseball as well. There is a definitely historical angle there.

    Since you did such a great job of the timeline in the early episodes, you might also think if there’s a way to cover regional history and the differences of the histories of the different islands, or of east and west Honshu.

    Anyway, I’m here till Feb. 1st and if there’s anything I can do for you while I am here, it would be small payback for the great pleasure that you have given me through your work.

    Sincerely, Stefan Koch

    1. I actually have some ideas about doing regional histories for Choshu and Aizu, but I might be folding them into a larger history of the Meiji Restoration. Sumo would be fun, but I know almost nothing about it — I’ll have to find the time to read up. I’m grateful for the offer, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the show.

  3. Stefan Koch

    Hey Isaac, One last comment: I have now learned enough Japanese history from you and from the last month spent in Japan that I have a humble correction to offer. In Episode 6 you say that the last of the Hojo committed suicide in Toshoji Temple in modern Kanagawa. I’m sure it was just a slip of the tongue, because I know you know that Toshoji Temple is in Kamakura. I only know this because I was in Kamakura and walked right past the former site of this temple. The plaque on site reminded me that you had covered this incident and I went back and listened to Episode 6 again.

    Even though I am leaving Japan tomorrow, I’m going to keep listening to your podcast and keep learning more about this amazing country. Thank you again for enriching my time here with your knowledge and passion for Japan.

    Sincerely, Stefan Koch

  4. Jon

    Dear Isaac,

    I would be interested to hear content regarding the Japanese penal system: I’ve heard that it’s more harsh than the American system, but the results are more effective. I’ve got no data to verify these claims though. Very much enjoying the show and I look forward to more!


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