Episode 205 – Across the Sea, Part 5

This week, we begin a new series on the history of the Japanese diaspora!

Listen to the episode here.


Masterson, Daniel et al. The Japanese in Latin America.

The excellent resources of the Japanese American National Museum.

Dresner, Jonathan. Japanese Diasporas: Unsung Pasts, Conflicting Presents, and Uncertain Futures.


The grave of Otokichi in Singapore; he was never allowed to return to Japan after being blown away in a storm.
Nakahama Manjiro, the castaway who became a samurai — and one of very few to leave Japan during the Edo Period.
Seattle’s Japantown c.1909, in what is now the International District.
Seattle Japanese-American fishermen participating in a public parade.
Japanese immigrants arriving in Victoria, British Columbia.
Japanese laborers on a pineapple plantation in Hawaii, c.1900.

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