Episode 198 – Fist of Legend, Part 5

This week: can a martial art be a philosophy of life? Can it rise to the level of a religion?

Listen to the episode here.


Stalker, Nancy K. Prophet Motive: Deguchi Onisaburo, Omotokyo, and the Rise of New Religions. 

So, Doshin. This is Shorinji Kempo. (note: there’s basically nothing academic on Shorinji Kempo out there, which makes many of the claims in this book and others difficult to verify).

Ueshiba, Kisshomaru. Aikido. 


Ueshiba Morihei in his middle age, around the time he went to Tokyo.
Takeda Sokaku, Ueshiba’s first teacher.
Takeda demonstrating Daito-ryu at the Asahi Shimbun offices in 1936.
Ueshiba later in life.
So Doshin as a younger man.
So Doshin instructs one of his most famous pupils, the martial arts film star Sonny Chiba.

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