Episode 196 – Fist of Legend, Part 3

This week: the rise of judo and of the modern budo, and karate strikes back!

Listen to the episode here.


Haines, Bruce. Karate’s History and Traditions.

Morio, Higaonna. The History of Karate: Okinawan Goju-ryu.

Gainty, Denis. Martial Arts and the Body Politic in Meiji Japan.


Yamashita Yoshiaki and his wife at the White House.
The Butokukan in Kyoto upon its completion in 1899.
The opening ceremony of the Butokukan.
Higaonna Kanryo, the man behind
A wonderfully confusing chart for those of you interested in Karate and interested in tracing some lineages around.

One thought on “Episode 196 – Fist of Legend, Part 3

  1. Jon

    In listening to your Fist of Legend series, I was reminded of a tradition called “sumai”, which was represented as the more martial version of sumo wrestling (I draw parallels between jujitsu and judo, for comparison). Has your research uncovered any information about this, or is sumo solely the outgrowth of Shinto performance and competition?

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