Episode 192 – No Country for Young Women, Part 1

Empress Shoken in Western-style court dress. She was charged with seeing off the five girls and giving them their mission.
The girls on arriving in the West. From left to right: Ryo, Sutematsu, Shige, Ume, and Tei.
Adeline and Charles Lanman.
From left to right: Ume, Sutematsu, and Shige.
Shige as a young girl living in New Haven.

This week: the beginning of a two parter on Japan’s first ever female exchange students.

Listen to the episode here.

You can check out Astra Nullius here.


Nimura, Janice. Daughters of the Samurai.

Furuki, Yoshiko. The White Plum, a Biography of Tsuda Ume.

Tsuda, Umeko and Yoshiko Furuki. The Attic Letters: Ume Tsuda’s Correspondence to her American Mother.

Some excellent biographical sketches of Ume, Shige and Sutematsu are available here.





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