Episode 191 – Lifting the Lost, Part 9

This week: what, in the end, did the Occupation mean — for both the occupied and the occupier?

Listen to the episode here.


Dower, John. Embracing Defeat.

Dr. Dower’s editorial on the Japan-Iraq comparison.

Pyle, Kenneth. Japan Rising: The Resurgence of Japanese Power and Purpose.

Jansen, Marius. The Making of Modern Japan.


Pro-MacArthur Demonstration in New York, 1951
Truman’s decision to fire Douglas MacArthur was not only unpopular in Japan but in the US as well; it contributed to a plummeting approval rating and to Truman’s ultimate decision not to attempt a run for a second, complete term.
The early days of the National Police Reserve, which eventually became the modern Japan Self-Defense Forces.
Shigeru Yoshida Signs Security Pact
Yoshida Shigeru signs the 1951 San Francisco Treaty, which went into effect the following year.
Kishi plays golf with President Eisenhower.
Kishi at the Yankees game.
In an ironic twist, Japan was also caught up in America’s newest attempts at nation-building; JSDF personnel were deployed outside of combat zones to assist in reconstruction efforts.

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