Episode 152 – The Birth of the Samurai, Part 7


The Genpei War comes to a close in this action packed episode! Kyoto will fall! The Taira will burn! Oxen will be deployed as tactical weapons!


Listen to the episode here.


McCullough, Helen Craig. The Tale of the Heike.

Dalkey, Kara. Genpei.

Sansom, George B. A History of Japan to 1334.


The major battles of the Genpei War.
The Battle of Kurikara, complete with oxen charging in on the top right.
Yoshinaka mired in the mud at the Battle of Awazu.
Yoritomo’s downhill charge at Ichinotani as depicted in a diorama, because the Japanese really love dioramas.
A map of the Battle of Ichinotani. Noriyori’s route is in blue; Yoshitsune’s is in Green.
The Taira fleet gathering up escaping samurai in the Battle of Yashima.
Dan-no-ura, the final battle of the Genpei War.

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