Episode 126 – The Fall of the Samurai, Part 9


This week, we’ll move into the tumultuous events of 1863. Challenges foreign and domestic are going to upset the balance of power that has existed since the death of Ii Naosuke, and drive Japan ever closer to civil war.

Listen to the episode here.


Craig, Albert. Choshu in the Meiji Restoration.

Beasley, W.G. The Meiji Restoration.

Jansen, Marius. Sakamoto Ryoma and the Meiji Restoration.

Hashimoto Mitsuru, “Collision at Namamugi.” Representations 18 (Spring, 1987).


The bombardment of Kagoshima, as depicted in the Illustrated London News.
Another view of the bombardment.
The Namamugi Incident
The Satsuma representatives paying an indemnity to Choshu.
Charles Lenox Richardson after his death.
Kondo Isami, captain of the Shinsengumi.



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