Episode 60 – Women’s Activism in Japan

For our first ever guest episode, Sam Timinsky from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is on to talk about the history of Japanese women’s activism in the modern age. This is a chance to hear about an extremely important topic from someone who knows it much better than I do; I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to the episode here.


2 thoughts on “Episode 60 – Women’s Activism in Japan

  1. Charles Zerafa

    Interesting subject especially to be taken on by a man.
    I enjoyed your talk but next time please talk a little slower. Although my first language is English, you were rather hard to follow.
    I’m terrible at public speaking and would never have the courage to actually broadcast my thoughts about anything, so please don’t take this as a criticism.
    I also understand that you had time constraints. I’m sure you will do it better next time.



    1. I’ll pass that one along to Sam. He does tend to talk very fast; even I have trouble understanding him sometimes!

      Sorry for the late reply; WordPress keeps changing the dashboard format on me and I keep missing comments as a result!

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